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Informal Science Education Resources
from the home of NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope

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With annual worldwide attendance in the area of 90 million visitors, planetariums are important venues for astronomical instruction and inspiration. We focus a great deal of our efforts on serving the needs of planetarium educators and program producers.

Resources for The Dome & Show Production

Programs presented beneath the star-filled planetarium dome are the stock-in-trade of the profession. To help, we offer…

  • The newest Hubble images as first-generation 35 mm slides through the IPS Slide Service
  • Legacy Hubble images as 35 mm slide sets
  • Hubble images as full-resolution TIFF files
  • Video animation clips (NTSC format), available as MPEG-2 files
  • For planetariums equipped with digital fulldome video systems, we are offering astronomical visualization sequences in the super-high-resolution fisheye format
  • What planetarium doesn't need mythological constellation overlay images? (Read about their creation here.)
  • Advanced access to Hubble press releases
  • The Space Telescope Science Institute is one of the world's largest centers of astronomical expertise. If you have an astronomical question, or need expert help with a project, we're happy to put you in touch with a scientist who can help.

Resources for The Lobby & Audience Queue

Many planetarium audience members spend as much time lingering in the lobby and waiting, in line, for the theater doors to open as they do in the dome itself. Enhance their "out of dome" experience with some of these resources:

  • A continually updated multimedia program, ViewSpace, that features intriguing presentations of the latest in astronomy and can even be configured to periodically show a list of your daily show schedule.
  • Beautiful backlit display transparencies that turn blank wall space into a stunning exhibit of Hubble's finest celestial imagery. Interpretive captions are integrated with the images; no need for supplemental signage.
  • An interactive kiosk exhibit program (requires Windows PC and mouse or trackball).
  • Narrated video mini-documentaries (8-12 minutes long) available for download as DVD-quality mpeg 2 files, or on DVD, perfect for continuous or on-demand playback on a video monitor or mini-theater set up in your lobby.

Resources for Education & Teacher Training

Many planetariums are in schools and offer programs for K-12 students district wide. Many offer astronomy education training for teachers. We'd like to help:

  • Be sure to visit Amazing Space, the web home for our Office of Public Outreach's Formal Education team. They offer a wealth of online resources for teachers.
  • If you're involved in teacher training and would like some Hubble educational materials (lithographs, posters, etc.) to distribute as part of a workshop, contact us. We can also offer workshops to better equip teachers to use our materials.

Funding Opportunities

Did you know that the Space Telescope Science Institute administers two NASA-funded educational grant programs? Informal science educators are welcome to apply.

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