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Informal Science Education Resources
from the home of NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope

Our Users & Partners

"Informal Education" refers, quite simply, to learning that takes place outside of formal academia, whether the result of an intentional pursuit of a subject of interest, or the unexpected consequence of a casual — even accidental — encounter with something intriguing or beautiful.

We're confident that learning about what Hubble is doing, discovering, and seeing is appealing to many people, and so we're working to find ways to connect with them where they are. From our "roots" serving audiences at planetariums, museums, and science centers, we're always looking for new opportunities to branch out and reach more people open to encountering the wonders of the universe.

Check the links on the left-hand column of this page for more information about resources of interest to the variety of venues we serve. If you don't find the type of venue you represent listed, contact us. We'd like this page to expand!

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