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Web Standards or Why does this site not display properly?

This site has been designed to the HTML 4.01 and CSS-2 specifications. Any standards-compliant browser should be able to display this site.

More importantly, regardless of browser, all the content is available and presented in its logical form.

For more details, refer to the FAQ's below.

What is wrong?
Actually nothing. As stated, this is a web standards-compliant website. If one is not seeing the "designed" site, the possible reasons are:

  • The browser is not standards-compliant: Compliant browsers include Netscape 6, Internet Explorer 5, and Opera 5. Note that Netscape 4 is NOT a compliant browser.
  • The device being used does not support the defined style sheets. Is this a problem? Definitely not. The fact that the site is usable means that the site, and more over, the standards are working as designed.
  • The standard-compliant browser has a bug or has interpreted the standard differently. The site has been tested on browsers used by 95% of the audience: Internet Explorer and Mozilla-based browsers (Netscape).

Am I missing something?
No. Part of the reason for the web standards is to garauntee that, no matter what browser or device, all the content will be delivered in a usable, logical fashion. There may not be any pretty colors, but all the information, along with any associated imagery, is there.

Why is this better?
The philosophy behind the standards basically is separating the content of the web from the design of the web. This is better because information is more accessable: Anyone using a compliant browser can get to the content, whether its a screen reader, PDA, or cell phone.

I would like to read more about this.
The following sites should be able to answer any other questions:


This site is not displaying properly. Tell me why!