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MPEG Video Clip: Black Hole in the Center of NGC 4261 - Video Assests

MPEG-2 files are very large, approaching a megabyte per running second. They are intended primarily for playback on dedicated digital video clip players, not for playback on personal computers. Please note that most PCs are not furnished with codecs for playback of MPEG-2 files.

  • MPEG 1
  • File Size - 1MB
  • Length - 27 seconds
  • Format - MPEG 1
  • Resolution - 320 x 240 pixels



  • Title: Black Hole in the Center of NGC 4261
  • Description:
    The camera zooms into the core of the radio image and dissolves to the Hubble Space Telescope picture (visible) of a giant disk of dust and gas. The Hubble image crossfades to a computer animation of the dust disk. The camera zooms down to the white-hot accretion disk and the black hole at the center. This is an artist’s conception, not a view from the Hubble Space Telescope.
  • Source URL:
  • Credits: Dana Berry, Space Telescope Science Institute


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