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Informal Science Education Resources
from the home of NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope

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Astronomy Lecture Webcasts

The Space Telescope Science Institute is one of the world’s major centers for astronomical research, with an academic culture that supports a vigorous schedule of science lectures. Join the audience in our auditorium by watching these presentations over the web!

General Webcast Information

Current and archived webcasts can be accessed on this STScI web page (for most talks) and on HubbleSite (for the Public Lecture Series). To view the webcasts, you will need to download and install the free Real Player.

For General Audiences

Hubble Space Telescope Public Lecture Series

Sponsored by the Institute’s Office of Public Outreach, lectures on a diverse selection of cosmic topics are held the first Tuesday of every month at 8 PM Eastern Time in the Space Telescope Science Insitute auditorium. The lectures are preceeded by a summary of recent astronomical news presented by the program host, Dr. Frank Summers.

The lectures are webcast and can be watched live or seen in archived form approximately one day after the event. See STScI Webcasting for links to the current and archived webcasts, the presentation materials, and the necessary software.

Academic Colloquia

Sponsored by the Institute’s Science Division, colloquia are focused presentations on specific astronomical research that are generally intended for active research scientists. They are held on Wednesdays at 3:30 p.m. during the academic year (not during the summer); see the current schedule. All of them are webcast live and archived for on-demand viewing.

The Spring Symposium

This is the Space Telescope Science Institute’s major science meeting of the year, featuring invited talks on the chosen meeting theme from a wide range of experts, followed by spirited discussion. Some of our previous symposia are archived for on-demand viewing.

Archived Presentations of Potential Interest to Informal Educators

Astronomy Visualization: The State of the Art - February 7, 2006

In this public lecture (webcast, PDF), Dr. Frank Summers (STScI) shows highlights and extras from a "standing room only" session at the January 2006 AAS Meeting. The session presented the coolest astronomy visualizations as well as the science and art behind them. NOTE: the visualizations are significantly less impressive on the webcast due to the low resolution and low framerate of the webcasts.

How Big, How Far? - August 2, 2005

Dr. Matt Bobrowsky's (STScI) public lecture (webcast, PDF) will take you on a journey from Earth out to the most distant reaches of space, while discussing the various types of rulers, clocks, and other techniques for taking the measure of the universe. Archived webcast available here.



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