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Plugins & Viewers

Plugins & Viewers

There are many different products available from this site, many of which require the use of a plug-in or some other application to view. Below is a table of plug-ins and applications, the types of media supported by each, and links to where the applications can be found.

Note: The fact that a certain product is listed does not imply any type of endorsement for that product. In general, there are many products that will support a specific type of media. The list is provided simply as a reference.

The MPEG-2 Format
The MPEG-2 format is the format that DVD’s are based on. Any software DVD player should be able to play an MPEG-2 movie. However, note that MPEG-2 files are very large, approaching a megabyte per running second. They are intended primarily for playback on dedicated digital video clip players, not for playback on personal computers. Most PCs are not furnished with codecs for playback of MPEG-2 files. The lower-resolution mpeg 1 files are smaller and will play back on most computers.

Name Supported Media Source
DVD software player list MPEG-2 Digital Digest
VideoLAN MPEG-2 VideoLAN
Media Player
MPEG-1, QuickTime®, Real Video 4.0 Microsoft
Apple QuickTime MPEG-1, QuickTime®, Real Video 4.0 Apple
RealPlayer MPEG-1, QuickTime®, Real Video 4.0 Real
Adobe Acrobat PDF, EPS Adobe
Studio MAX MAX, OBJ discreet
Lightwave MAX, OBJ NewTek


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