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Informal Science Education Resources
from the home of NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope



More than 200 of your colleagues already show ViewSpace. Some have built dedicated, darkened, “mini-theater” spaces for it. Others integrate it directly into astronomy exhibit areas or use it as a planetarium pre-show.

In designing a Space Telescope exhibit for the new Clark Planetarium in Salt Lake City, we needed a visual element that was dynamic, stimulating, informative, and professional in quality. ViewSpace from STScI does that and more. Our customers are drawn to the wonderful mix of art, science and music — it's a perfect mix! Not too much text and great programming of the visuals and effects.

Clark Planetarium
Salt Lake City, Utah

Exhibit at the National Science Center is very effective!

National Science Center
Augusta, Georgia

Exhibit at the Man & Space Traveling Exhibition

The most beautiful images of the universe have been collected by the Hubble Space Telescope. ViewSpace presents the most interesting of these pictures, with comments easy to understand.

Man & Space Traveling Exhibition

Exhibit at the Longway Planetarium

The donor loves to see it in action. He is very proud of it and the work that is being done at the HST.

Longway Planetarium
Flint, Michigan

Exhibit at the North Museum of Natural History and Science

If you’ve not seen this, let me recount our experience at Fleischmann Planetarium. We installed “ViewSpace” a couple weeks ago... “ViewSpace” is pretty spectacular. It’s running right outside my office, so I’ve seen it several times, and I still catch myself watching it while waiting for school groups to get organized. It’s a very attractive presentation. Has Jonn Serrie’s music as a perfect background, good animations, wonderful images, great script. I see folks sitting in seats we parked in front of it and watching the entire presentation, something people don’t often do with a video presentation. If you’re looking for a relatively inexpensive but impressive exhibit, this is one you should look into.

Fleischmann Planetarium
Reno, Navada

Exhibit at the Museum of Science

...stunning, provocative and professional. ...We look forward to working with you to make the images provided by the Space Telescope Science Institute an integral part of our new expanded exhibit on space exploration.

North Museum of Natural History and Science
Lancaster, Pennsylvania

I have observed people sitting in front of the ViewSpace exhibit for long periods of time, engaged in watching the program. I have also heard visitors commenting on the high quality of the production and marvel at beauty of the images. We supplement this exhibit with a weekly printout of Hubble’s passes above the Islands, and work that into our current planetarium show. ViewSpace is definitely a worthwhile addition to our science lobby.

Bishop Museum Planetarium
Honolulu, Hawai’i

Thank you, thank you! Your Viewspace is a beautifully artistic presentation of HST's best scientific and most awe inspiring imagery. The unobtrusive flow of visuals and astral background music conveys the essence of the planetarium experience even before our audiences enter the theater. We look forward to more up-dates and hope to share in your future outreach artistry.

Maynard F. Jordan Planetarium
Orono, Maine

ViewSpace gives our Planetarium lobby a center for current Astronomy. Visitors are fascinated with the colorful images. And the amount of material keeps them watching both before and after shows.

Mueller Planetarium
Lincoln, Nebraska

I wish I had a version of that program for my living room...I love the Hubble!

Cleveland Museum of Natural History
Cleveland, Ohio

Other Testimonials

We are planning to have ViewSpace run simultaneously on five different monitor systems in the new space science exhibit space in Baton Rouge.

Louisiana Arts and Science Center
Baton Rouge, Louisiana

It is a great product!

Tyler Jr. College Planetarum
Tyler, Texas

ViewSpace is running great... Everyone loves the music in the area and we have several people that watch it for long periods of time.

Roddenberry Planetarium
El Paso, Texas evocative and inspiring piece and, at the same time, of great educational value to our visitors, both schoolchildren and the general public. Your choice of topic and style beautifully complement our educational goals... The quiet beauty of your galaxy video and your future offerings will set the perfect tone for patrons waiting to see the planetarium.

Museum of Science
Boston, Massachusetts

ViewSpace has been a big hit in our planetarium. More! More!

Nature Center and Planetarium
Clute, Texas

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