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Informal Science Education Resources
from the home of NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope


  • stunning,
  • inspiring,
  • spectacular,
  • and real.

The night sky is ever changing, and our scientific understanding of its phenomena is constantly evolving. Museums, planetariums, nature centers and similar institutions face a monumental challenge in keeping astronomy exhibits inspiring, accurate, and up-to-date.

ViewSpace is a self-updating multimedia astronomy display that uses internet-fed digital signage technology to provide a continually updated exhibit experience to patrons of informal education venues. It can serve as a supplement to existing science exhibits, or it can stand alone. Running on common, user-provided hardware, it is also incredibly cost-effective.

This exhibit has won acclaim from users, scientists, and multimedia producers, and it is playing in over 180 locations throughout the USA (with additional international venues).

Example Viewspace exhibit
MUSE 2003 Bronze Award

ViewSpace is an internet-fed, self-updating, permanent exhibit from the Space Telescope Science Institute, home of NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope and its successor, the James Webb Space Telescope. It transforms a small corner of your exhibit hall or planetarium lobby into an ever-changing kaleidoscope of inspiring and educational presentations of the latest and most beautiful in astronomy and space-based earth science.

ViewSpace uses a multimedia PC and a large-format display (such as data-grade video projector, plasma display panel, or presentation monitor) to show free-running multimedia presentations that combine:

• Beautiful, high-resolution images
• Digital movies and animations
• Interpretive captions, and
• Evocative space music

ViewSpace portrays the beauty and wonder of the universe and the blue planet as seen from above, and gently guides the viewer to a deeper understanding of astronomy through lucid, well-paced exposition.

To show ViewSpace, you furnish the necessary playback hardware — an internet-connected Windows PC to our specs, loudspeakers, a display, and some comfortable seats in a darkened “mini-theater” space. Once you’re set up, we’ll provide automatic daily updates via Internet upload. A very modest subscription fee covers our direct costs for the digital signage software system that enables the service.

Your patrons will enjoy ViewSpace. Some will take in the view for a few minutes. Some will read the captions and learn astronomy. Some will sit engrossed for an hour or more (this happens quite often)!

You will have an astronomy exhibit that never goes out of date, and one that brings the advantages of NASA’s huge investment in science and exploration to your institution.

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