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Informal Science Education Resources
from the home of NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope



SkyWatch, winner of a 2005 Interpretive Media Award from the National Association for Interpretation (NAI) elicited these responses from the judges.

This product and the way it is packaged is a really creative and interesting concept. This is an ingenious way to package and offer a product that might otherwise be too expensive for most budgets and can be used by many different facilities and visitor centers. With interpretive planning and creativity it could be worked into any situation or component of an exhibit. Since it is a product that could be customized depending on the site and job I assume interactivity could be added to the program...

Judge #1
2005 NAI Media Competition

Interesting variety of programs, interspersed with information, good variety of lengths and subject complexity... The effort to approach these almost unreal features of the universe from an interpretive standpoint is successful. Pegasus does look like a baseball diamond, and the extra little touches (pitcher, catcher, etc.) really bring it to life. It is the same with St. Helens as a metaphor for the bursting tops of the gas pillars.

Judge #2
2005 NAI Media Competition

WOW! This captured me. Great use of images, made message relevant, good visuals, demonstrated the use of science, encouraged users to look to the night sky, demonstrated how amateurs can work side by side with scientists, good music, relaxing, intriguing, captivating, and relevant.

“Tied information to users. Very provocative. Especially liked the correlation from Pegasus to a baseball diamond and how an amateur astronomer helped unveil a mystery. Demonstrates how a user can be involved... Motivates users to observe the night sky. Excellent tool... Good use of references to common ideas (again the baseball diamond). Makes science relevant to uninformed user... Outstanding photos and use of techniques to highlight and focus on specific areas of interest... Captured and held attention. I liked how each segment identified how long it would be...

Judge #3
2005 NAI Media Competition

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