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Informal Science Education Resources
from the home of NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope


Connect your visitors to the sky and the great observatories and probes that are exploring it.

SkyWatch, updated daily over the internet, includes:

Celestial Tours
In-depth and highly visual explorations of a wide range of intriguing astronomical subjects.

Beautifully illustrated introductions to the constellations, planets, deep sky objects, and special astronomical events of the night sky, updated monthly.

Observatory and Space Probe Update
The latest news from a spectrum of astronomical explorers.

Sponsor Recognition
Shown continually during the credits, the perfect way to acknowledge the donation or sponsorship that enabled your SkyWatch installation.

Event Announcements
Updatable as needed by you, a perfect way to promote an upcoming star talk.

Sky Observing Forecast
Observing conditions predicted for the upcoming night.

The Weather
Display current conditions at your site. (Requires a Davis Instruments weather station
plus software, ~$1K)

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