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Informal Science Education Resources
from the home of NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope

Format Film

Hubble: Galaxies Across Space and Time - 2:51

An Award-Winning IMAX® Super Short
from the home of the Hubble Space Telescope

We no longer have this film available for loan.

Audience viewing IMAX film
Preview Excerpt
(QuickTime 2.5MB)
Preview Full Film
(QuickTime 58MB)

A wonderful confluence of events has given the team that operates NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope a unique opportunity to display Hubble’s universe on the biggest of screens.

In March of 2002, during the final completed flight of the Space Shuttle Columbia, astronauts installed the Advanced Camera for Surveys aboard Hubble. This new instrument is now providing images of such resolution and clarity that large-format film screens are an ideal medium for displaying them.

With the generous support of David Keighley Productions 70MM, Inc., an IMAX company, we have created Hubble: Galaxies Across Space & Time, a journey across 9 billion years of cosmic history that takes a mere 2 minutes 51 seconds, short enough to be spliced into the “trailer space” before a main feature.

Awarded “Best Short Feature” in the Large Format Cinema Association’s 2004 Film Festival, the film is available for showing at institutional IMAX theaters in the USA and Canada at no cost. At the moment we have 5 prints available. We have the soundtrack on DTAC disc; other soundtrack formats can be procured at cost directly from the IMAX Soundtrack Mastering Facility.

The highlight of the film is a fantastic computer-generated flight through a field of over 10,000 galaxies that takes audiences on a journey back through time to an era when galaxies were newly formed. Viewers will see the universe as it appeared when it was young.

These galaxies were photographed by Hubble as part of the Great Observatory Origins Deep Survey (GOODS) project. The original source image contains over 600 million pixels. Hubble scientists and imaging specialists worked for months to extract individual galaxy images, placing them in a 3D model according to their approximate true distances as determined by ground-based photometric redshift data. (You can read more about the making of this film here.)

Barbara Feldon narrates the film, accompanied by an evocative musical score by Jonn Serrie.

Full IMAX-sized prints are only available directly from the IMAX Corporation. Also available: An HD resolution (1920x1080 progressive, 24fps) cropped from the original frames as a quicktime movie ecoded using the H264 codec. [Caution: This is a 672MB download! In Windows right-click and select "Save Target as..." to save the file to your drive.]

Persons interested in translating the English narration to another language and synchronizing the narration to the film will find this smpte time code script helpful.


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