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Informal Science Education Resources
from the home of NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope

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Welcome to HubbleSource, a growing collection of resources for educators, developers, interpreters, producers, and other professionals in museums, planetaria, nature centers, observatory & park visitor centers, and other free-choice learning venues. We’re one component of the public outreach effort at the Space Telescope Science Institute.

universe of learning science briefings - ONGOING

Professional development science briefings for the informal education community.
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Connect to the scientists who make — and the engineers who enable — Hubble science discoveries. Our monthly telecons are conducted through the NASA Museum Alliance.
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hubble's successor: the webb space telescope - VIDEO POSTED
Cropped view of the Webb Space Telescope

Later this decade, the immense Webb Space Telescope will commence operations, pursuing answers to the most profound questions in astronomy. Your audiences will find this mission — and its science — fascinating. We're creating materials you can use to inform and inspire them.
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black hole exhibit kiosk software - WINNER OF A 2007 MUSE AWARD FROM THE AAM'S MEDIA & TECHNOLOGY COMMITTEE
Artists conception of a black hole accretion disc

We have converted an award-winning website about the science and nature of black holes into a free kiosk version that you can run locally on a computer that has no Internet connection. Engage your visitors with an in-depth exploration of this exotic and popular topic.
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hubble servicing mission resources - INCLUDES SCIENCE BRIEFINGS
Astronaut and Hubble in Servicing Mission 3B

Shuttle astronauts serviced the Hubble Space Telescope in May 2009, restoring and enhancing its capabilities. Help tell the story with the resources we've prepared.
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a self-updating permanent exhibit for museums and planetariums - NOW AVAILABLE WITH 3D IMAGERY

ViewSpace, our award-winning, Internet-updated, multimedia astronomy display continues to grow. Find out how you can bring this incredibly cost-effective exhibit to your institution.
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a fully revised 2000 sq. ft. traveling exhibition
Computer rendering of a portion of the traveling Hubble exhibition

Following its initial 5-year tour, the 2000 sq. ft. exhibition "Hubble Space Telescope: New Views of the Universe" has been updated and enhanced and is back on the road! Learn how you can bring this exhibit to your museum.
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access to Hubble images
Access to Hubble Images

It’s all about the images. Learn how to access the growing Hubble Space Telescope image library.
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